Hi dear friends.... I am Paolo,

This website is useful especially for italian and japanese people,

 of course... I am italian and I live in Japan!

Anyway....the webculture has no-frontiers and no-limits and I'd like that more people as

 possible enjoy what I'm doing!..

So I'm making "english language pages", forgive my mistakes..

  I've never studied english, but I am fluently....'cause I've got  a lot of experiences.

If you like music you  can listen for it...

You can watch a lot of videoclips...

You can watch the pictures that I've taken...

Slow slow I'll add some words about mind, heart, soul and life...

Lastly, please, let me know what  you like...keep in touch with me and

contact me!  

                                                                                     Thanks a lot   Paolo



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